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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Death Of Music Journalism

Rolling Stone and Idolator critic Christopher R. Weingarten shared his views on why Twitter and blogs are leading to the death of music journalism and criticism. In a really witty, clever and passionate presentation at the 140 Characters Conference, Weingarten shared why he felt he'd be out of a job within the next year. Among some great quotes:

"If the people decide (what to listen to), then nothing truly adventurous ever gets out." (explaining why crowdsourcing tends to make everyone listen to the same thing)

"All this music that rises to the middle. The boring, bland, white people guitar music." (on following music blogs that write about music and how they all tend towards alternative genres)

"It's the music that the most people can stand." (again, why following the blog crowd means following trends instead of discovering new music)

"That's what we're missing in a world without critics. The 'because'." (explaining that blogs and Tweets tend to describe what the music does for the writer, instead of a reason anyone else should be interested in it)

"People think that you need a long Internet rant to express some enthusiasm and it's not true." (explaining how it's possible to be articulate within the 140 character confines of Twitter)

The entire presentation is below. It's about 10 minutes long.

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