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Sunday, July 19, 2009

QR Codes and Music

QR or "quick response" codes are now beginning to pop up everywhere, from Pepsi cans to T-shirts, to magazine adverts to billboards.

Created by the Japanese company Denso-Wave in 1994 for inventory purposes, QR codes contain more data than the standard 10 digit bar code and are relatively easy to scan. So easy, in fact, that a typical smartphone can scan and read a code with a simple click of the camera, and anyone with a computer can generate their own. BayBrain’s offers a QR bar code generator and links to a comprehensive list of software for code reading.

Bands, artists, labels, and even casual users can embed the code with text or links to their favorite images, music and sites, which is great for viral marketing. Upon creating a QR code, Snappr then offers you a chance to transfer the bar codes to hats, mugs and just about anything you can print on. Because the point of the code is to provide additional info to passersby, there are a ton of potential uses for it, from tour dates and bio info to product information to just about anything else you can think of.

This summer, online event register Eventbrite is testing a QR code program for concert and party registration with an eye on increasing efficiency and reducing waste. Let's see how long before it becomes a standard in the concert and music businesses.

Here's a quick video on how QR codes work:


Unknown said...

Nice post. Have you checked out iCandy ( It provides iTunes music & video or any URL integration with QRCodes: authoring, scanning via webcam or iPhone and analytics so you can track the codes you create.

Bobby Owsinski said...

Good web site! I'll pass along.


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