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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Study: Adult Women Love Their Online Music

In a new Nielsen NetView study, women made up 56.1% of the traffic to music sites in August, which was about 42.5 million unique female visitors.

What was surprising, though, was that the female traffic was not just teenage girls like in so many years past. The study shows that women age 35 to 60 now comprise about 1/3rd of the visitors to music sites, with women ages 35 to 49 making up the largest group. More than 14.5 million women within that demo visited online music sites in August or 19.2% of all male or female visitors to music sites during the month.

Surprisingly, only 15.6% of females in the U.S. 18 or older said they purchased music online within the past six months, but another 16% said they bought music offline during the same span, according to the Nielsen@Plan Fall 2009 Survey. What was even more of a surprise, only a bit more than 8% of women watched or listened to music online.

Their choice of sites was also a surprise. The top two sites visited by women for the month of August were AOL Music (11.8 million unique visitors) and Yahoo Music (9.9 million), while MSN Music was a distant third with a unique audience of 3.9 million. Where was iTunes, I wonder?

What these surveys really tell us is that the age of consumer measurement is truly upon us, and as that measurement becomes more mature, we're seeing trends that never could have been predicted. The old advertising adage of "Only 50% of advertising works - you just don't know which 50%." may become a thing of the past as Internet measurement comes into its own.

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