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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finally, A New Loudspeaker Technology

Audio speaker technology hasn't changed much for almost a hundred years. There's been some novel ideas, like modulated flame and modulated air (like the laser microphone talked about here a while back), but none have ever come to fruition as a commercial product with any widespread appeal.

Now comes a product with a real chance from a company call Emo Labs. Their Edge Motion technology still uses a vibrating membrane like all other speakers, but it's modulated from the side instead of the rear. Their first product uses a clear membrane set over the front of a television or video monitor and provides a stereo playback system with a large area (critical for low end response) without interfering with the viewing.

The videos are pretty interesting and the quality appears to be good, especially the high end. That being said, I've not heard it so it's impossible to gauge anything other than the response of the people in the video.

While it doesn't appear to have professional application yet, the Edge Motion technology is interesting and it's nice to see something new in an area that really needs a leap forward. Hopefully, Emo Labs will have a booth at NAB this week where I can get a demonstration.

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1 comment:

ilter said...

It looks very promising for the consumer!
I'd love to hear it myself... let's hope they will also be able to create studio grade stuff as well.
Thanks for sharing!


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