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Monday, August 16, 2010

Bad Company "Feel Like Makin Love" Isolated Electric Guitar

I always like Bad Company records for their simplicity. There weren't a lot of overdubs so the tracks weren't hid behind any layers, and then there was Paul Rodgers incomparable vocals (and he still sings at least as well today). Here's an example of that simplicity on the isolated guitar tracks from Feel Like Making Love played by Mick Ralphs. Yes, there are doublings and overdubs, but not that many and they're well conceived. The guitars don't come in until about 12 seconds because the acoustic guitar starts the tune.

1) The clean guitars during the verse both have the same sound (using the rear pickup of probably a Les Paul) and are doubled very tightly with one playing the first position and the another in the 2nd position. One of the guitars is slightly out of tune - who knows if it's intentional to widen the track or just a sign of the times before guitar tuners.

2) The doubled distorted guitars in the chorus are so typically Les Paul/Marshall from that time period. The double actually works better with the big guitars than the clean rhythm.

3) The chorus guitars are played very on top of the beat and push the chorus as a result. You can feel the chorus itself speed up a bit like most did back in the days before click tracks, but the guitar is still on top of the beat. It does relax a bit with each chorus of the song.

4) The guitar solo at 2;42 is interesting. It's 3 moderately clean guitars playing harmony (so much for the simplicity, I guess). What does make them sound simple is that they feel like a single player could've played it in one pass, even if that's not the case.

5) There's a little stumbling of the double in the outchorus at 3;42, almost like he was caught off guard on the first pass and then tried to duplicate in (but couldn't) on the second. It happens again at 4;52 except one guitar plays the part correctly.

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