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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Beatles "You Really Got A Hold On Me"

Here's one last Beatles post for a while. It's an outtake from the Let It Be film that shows them having some fun with a song that they used to do back in the clubs before they even had a record deal.

It's always great to see musicians smiling. It's even better when it's our heros.

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1 comment:

Derek said...

Interesting to compare this with the excellent and tight live in-studio recording of the same song on the "Live at the BBC" collection. They had this song down pat a few years earlier but had mostly forgotten it by this point. Actually, it's surprising how flaccid and drab many of the old cover jams are during the White Album/Let It Be sessions were compared to the sparkling recordings the Beatles made in '62-63-64 of the same tunes: you can feel the tension that had developed, and also how relentless live performance had honed them into a real switchblade of a band in the early days.

I guess that's how they could record their whole first album in 10 hours in 1963 and then do 100 takes of one song in 1968, and still not finish it. Yet they still pulled off "Abbey Road" before breaking up!


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