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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Uprising" - Muse Isolated Guitar

Last week we listened to the bass and drum tracks for Muse's "Uprising." Today we'll listen to the guitar tracks, although there are a number of additional overdubbed tracks also on this track.

1) The tom fills and handclaps that everyone missed from the backing track last week are on this track.

2) The vocal in the chorus is the delay-only signal. It's pretty long and timed to the track.

3) There are a variety of guitar sounds that really makes the song. One of the things that most young bands do when they first record is use the same guitar sound for every part in every song. Muse is obviously not a young band and you can tell just from the way they layer the different guitar parts and sounds (among other things).

4) The guitar drops out during the solo. I suspect that this track is a couple of the channels of a 5.1 mix and that the guitar drops out because it's being panned.

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DaveRomero said...

hmmm... Last week's bass and drum tracks post did not and still does not appear in the RSS subscription folder


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