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Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Genie In A Bottle" Christina Aguilera Multitrack

"Genie In A Bottle" was the first hit off of Christina Aquilera's first album ("Christina Aguilera") that not only held the #1 position on the top 100 for 5 weeks, but earned her a Grammy for Best Female Pop Performance. Produced by writers David Frank and Steve Kipner, the song is pure pop at its best. Here's a video featuring the various tracks from the multitrack of the song.

1) Genie In A Bottle is a good example of a manufactured track in that it's entirely programmed except for the vocals.

2) This is pop music arrangement at its finest. It's very simple yet very effective. Check out were the pad, piano and synth lines enter and exit in the chorus and interludes.

3) Christina's lead vocal is a great example of how a delay timed to the track adds ambience yet disappears when the other tracks are laid around it.

4) The background vocals are great. Christina sings well with herself (not all vocalists do) in 3 part harmony that's doubled.

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Isaac said...

This is a very cool look at the parts of this great pop song. Thanks for posting it!

One thing--I believe her name is "Aguilera", with a "g" instead of a "q". Just FYI :)

Dusty said...

FYI - the vocal was cut with a Mojave Audio 'Pipebomb' mic with ammo case power supply - a handmade predecessor to the Mojave audio MA-200.


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