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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Recording Drums With Mojave Mics

I'm a big fan of anything that David Royer designs, from his innovative ribbon mics (the Royer R-121 has become a standard in mic lockers everywhere) to his condenser mic line called Mojave Audio. If you're not aware of these mics, they're worth checking out because they're a great sounding yet less expensive alternative to all the some of the more popular condenser mics that you already know about.

In the video below, the most excellent Ross Hogarth records session drummer extraordinaire Kenny Aronoff with a variety of Mojave mics. As a learning tool, this video is great because you can hear what the kit really sounds like and how much leakage there is. I've had a few emails from readers lately who indicate that they're not sure of what the drums should sound like during a tracking session, especially one with the caliber of these participants. The following is a great example of what to expect.


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1 comment:

David Eaton said...

You're right - this gives great insight to what things should sound like before all the eq, compression, and artificial reverb added to most mixes.

By the way, on May 31st a Mojave MA 201 FET (used as overheads and the outside kick in the video) is going to be auctioned off with NO RESERVE at a charity event in Hollywood!! Proceeds will go to help a music industry veteran who has Lupus. See more at


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