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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Is this Mackie Video Any Good?

Here's an "interesting" video on the Mackie DL1608, the new 16 channel live sound mixer built around the iPad than the company just released at the NAMM show.

I'm not sure how I feel about it personally. Is it brilliant advertising? Is it condescending to potential buyers and users? Is it funny or not? Where all these guys on acid when they created it? Maybe some of this, or none of it, I can't decide. One thing it does do is grab your attention and make you talk about the product, which is what advertising is intended to do.

What do you think?

Thanks to my buddy Steve Harvey for giving me the heads-up on this video.

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Anonymous said...

sigh. as a video guy, I can opine that this is a truly awful video.

But I'm more concerned with move towards touch screens. You'd think they are way more convenient and easy. I can't see it. The whole "McDonalds and Aderal" crowd of under 30's will love it though.

Me, I like the tactile-ality (?) of my mix desk.

Also, have you ever played one of those flat, ribbon pianos. It's nearly impossible to be accurate enough to be useful. I have to believe touch screen mixing is like that. Big, fat, dirty fingers smudging up the screen, ya, that'll make my experience *much*


Bobby Owsinski said...

I'm more concerned about the constant reaching to touch the screen, which can lead to fatigue and elbow problems.

Chris Benedetto said...

that was awful... but in a weird way, memorable.

The guy reminds me of the zach galifianakis.

I think we are seeing the peak of inflated expectations on ipads and music... to be determined if it is truly adopted and pro quality

wabaus said...

The first 44 seconds are weird, but do an okay job of explaining to the public (e.g., you band members or your spouse) why you might want to buy the thing and what it would allow you to do. The remainder was 1m47s of my life I will never get back :(

brad said...

It's a cool ad but it was distracting. I had to watch it twice to understand that the iPad was wirelessly communicating with the mixer base station. But it got me to watch it twice, so.

DonD said...

To Brad's point, they need a slogan. Something like "Take It Anywhere -- Including Your Psychotic Hallucination Place!"

Juan said...

I think they intended to be as weird as every Mackie Owner manual or advertising but with an aditional twist that can be annoying for regular people like me. Maybe it is appealing for very young audio pros or musicians. At least, they show the product highlights. It is nice to know that for small venues, you could be mixing without the need of a snake to be "FOH". It is also funny to think about what would happen if you got your ipad stolen, broken or someone spills a beer into it while you're "mixing"...I don't know. I'll stick to faders and knobs.

Anonymous said...

Mackie has really stepped off the cliff with this one. Certainly the most unusual, disturbing gear ad I've ever seen. The Ipad may become an invaluable tool in the "mix from anywhere" market, but it won't entice me to drink from the urinal. Touch screens are cool, this ad is not.


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