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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Silent Events Spread

An advertisement for Silence Events. 
Okay, here's something really new that I'm totally down with - silent events. The concept is that everyone at the event listens on headphones instead of a traditional sound system, and it seems to be the hot thing this year around Paris discos.

I know, I know, you're not a jetsetter or part of the Eurotrash scene. No problem, the trend is beginning to spread all over Europe, which means it's only a matter of time until it reaches the States.

Here's why so many like this idea:

1) The fidelity is so much better when you listen on headphones.

2) The privacy is way better too, both to those listening, and those not.

3) You don't have to worry about annoying your neighbors, which apparently is a big deal in Paris these days. In fact, there's a "no noise" curfew at 10PM for live events, and a silent outdoor disco keeps the riot squad away.

If these things ever catch on in a big way, a byproduct could be an increased demand for better audio quality, which is something that so many in the pro audio community have been hoping would happen for years. Don't hold your breath though. I'll believe it's for real when I get my first invite in LA and they ask me to bring my headphones. Then again, no one thought that the house concert scene would ever take off either. For more on silent events, check out this article.
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Emanuel said...

We have that in Romania for 5 years now. It's called Silent Disco and they have it at some festivals. It's funny, I was at a Cypress Hill concert back in 2008 and I saw about 700 people dancing, with no music. All of a sudden, everybody stardet shouting "Yeaaaaaaah" :))

Silent Storm Sound System said...

You may get your invite to a silent disco in LA sooner than you think :)

Bobby Owsinski said...

That's very cool, EmLog.

Pablo Cruise said...

there's been a very popular Silent Disco crew in San Francisco as well; and for all the reasons sited in the post. Sound complaints have been a huge issue between the SF nightlife and the SFPD for a few years now and being able to offer another stage of entertainment without adversely impacting the surrounding neighborhoods has made for some very successful events for everyone involved. Most recently, it was used as the outside sound system for this annual New Years day party. Since the doors opened at 6am and the outside sound had to wait until 10am, Silent Disco provided the outside entertainment for those first opening hours. I hope we see more of these.

Anonymous said...

Bonnaroo has also had this feature for a while :)

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