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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ken Scott On Drum Recording

I had an opportunity to work with legendary producer/engineer Ken Scott recently on the latest SNEW record (What's It To Ya) and it was truly a treat. He got the best sounds almost effortlessly, thanks to great fundamental technique (something we forget the importance of sometimes). Here's a video of Ken miking up former Dixie Dregs drummer Rod Morgenstein at Abbey Road Studios while he was recording his EpiK Drums loop and sample library.

You can find out more about Ken's various recording and production techniques in his memoir Abbey Road To Ziggy Stardust, a book I was fortunate and pleased to be a part of.


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Jef Knight said...

Well, that was pretty cool, I must say.

Rod, and DDreggs, are big heroes of mine...


DJ-RJ said...

Wikked! Thanks for posting!


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