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Sunday, September 9, 2012

New Musical Instrument Monday: The Tonara App

For those of you who don't read music this won't be too earth shattering, but if you do, you know the problems of having to turn the pages of music while you're playing. Even worse, with a number of the sheet music apps available, if you don't swipe your iPad correctly, you can move pages ahead and never be able to easily find your place again.

That's where Tonara comes in. It's an intelligent music page turning app that actually follows the music as you're playing and automatically turns the page at just the right time, regardless of the tempo that you're playing at. Even better, it can even be used with multiple instruments.

Check out the video.


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Anonymous said...

I tend to read ahead. I wonder if it can be programmed to change the page, say a bar before thge page end?
Otherwise, a nice app.
Alan Palavikas

Anonymous said...

Go Almo


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