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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Old School Recording At Toe Rag Studios

I don't know about you but I just love having limitations put on me when it comes to creating. The fact that you have to work within certain parameters can sometimes bring out new and different directions that you never expected.

I was doing some research on The White Stripes for a book in my new Deconstructed Hits series, when I came across the fact that they recorded their big album hit Elephant at Toe Rag Studios outside of London. The studio is awesome in that it really is a throwback in that not a piece of equipment in the studio is from later than 1963. They started with an 8 track tape machine and eventually moved up to 16 (Elephant was done on 8), and the console is an old EMI REDD from Abbey Road.

Image that. Limiting yourself to only 8 or 16 tracks. I hate to date myself, but back in the day, we used to call that a luxury.  Check out the video.


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Anonymous said...

Great video. Thanks, Bobby. They interview the owner of Toe Rag in the book, Analog Recording: Using Analog Gear in Today's Home Studios. He gives a break down of how he recorded The White Stripes' Elephant. I believe he only used 2 tracks on the drums, OH and kick.

NatJag said...

I recorded there with a band I'm in. We had to stop something for a while because of the noise of the rain on the corrugated roof in the alleyway/hallway which was the echo chamber at that time, although he also has a EMT140 plate, and has now used his store room as the echo chamber.


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