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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cream "SWLABR" Basic Track Outtakes

The great bassist/vocalist/songwriter Jack Bruce passed away last week so I thought it appropriate to post a tribute to the man. Here's a fascinating look into the making of Cream's "SWLABR" that was recorded in March of 1967 for their Disraeli Gears album. What you'll hear is 4 takes of the song.

The song was recorded on 8 track, and what you'll hear is 3 tracks, with the drums in mono on their a single track (as was the technique back then). The first take begins around 2:00.

1. It's interesting to listen to the band try to tune up (Bruce and Eric Clapton never quite get there). It's hard to believe that there was a day when guitar tuners weren't available, but you're listening to live proof here.

2. The band clearly overplays in the first few takes before it settles in. The overplaying is mostly from drummer Ginger Baker while bassist Bruce holds it together.

3. The solo in Take 3 is interesting in that the band clearly goes to another level.

4. The take that begins at 10:28 finally has Bruce doing his vocal along with the band. He really was a fine vocals as well as a great bass player. This take also features a harmonica solo at the end.

5. A bit trivia: SWLABR stands for "She Was Like A Bearded Rainbow."


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