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Sunday, November 16, 2014

New Music Gear Monday: Antelope Audio Satori Monitor Controller

One of the most important pieces in a modern DAW studio is the monitor controller not only because the level of the monitor speakers needs to be adequately controlled, but also other features that modern studios need like being able to select multiple audio sources and switch between multiple speakers are addressed. Of course, the sound quality of this device is hyper-critical as well.

That's why Antelope Audio's new Satori monitor controller is so impressive. It incorporates not only a mastering quality D/A convertor, but a wide variety of input and output options as well. The unit can switch between 4 sets of monitor speakers, has 4 independent headphone outputs, can switch between 4 stereo inputs, and even includes an 8 channel analog summing mixer.

Satori also has a number of features frequently overlooked by other monitor controllers like a dedicated subwoofer output, talkback input, and M/S monitoring. Plus there's a Mac or PC software app that provides greater precision than offered from the front panel of the unit, as well as user presets. Connection to the computer is via USB.

The Antelope Audio Satori monitor controller should be available any time now, and the price will be around $1500. Check out the website for more info, or the video below.


1 comment:

sonnyblackprod said...

This unit doesn't have a d/a its all analog


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