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Monday, February 16, 2015

New Music Gear Monday: Grace Design Felix Blender Pedal

Grace Design Felix pedal image
Here's a very cool device that even though it seems to be more live oriented, I can see being used in the studio as well. It's something new from Grace Design called Felix, and it's an acoustic instrument preamp/blender pedal.

Felix is specifically designed for blending the sounds of an acoustic instrument together so it has an input for the built-in pickup of the instrument, plus another for a mic featuring one of those great Grace preamps. It also has an extra 1/4 input so that you can switch from two different guitars if you want.

The top panel is pretty complete in that it has an independent EQ section for each channel that features hi and low pass shelving filters, a parametric EQ, and a very cool notch filter that can be a Godsend for certain acoustic instruments.

There's also 10dB of boost for soloing, a mix control, and an amp output control that also sends to a built-in headphone amplifier.

Then there are the footswitches. The first is an A/B switch so that you can switch between channels, a boost switch, and a mute/tune switch that mutes all the outputs except for a dedicated tuner out.

The outputs of Felix are pretty impressive. Four 1/4 inch jacks include tuner out, dedicated amp output, an effects insert and effects output. It also has two direct outs on XLR's, one for each channel, which can be separate or #2 output can supply a blended output.

Additional controls include 48V, phase reverse, mid-range frequency, and notch filter frequency selection on the side panel.

While Felix looks more like a live device, I can see it in the studio as well, since it has some features that would make it easier to get a great sound before it even hits your preamp. If a player already has the variables of his sound dialed in, you can see how the recording would be up and running in a flash.

The Grace Design Felix isn't cheap at $995, but considering the consistently high quality of Grace products, it seems to be worth every penny. The unit should be available in April.

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