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Monday, March 9, 2015

New Music Gear Monday: Audient id22 Monitor Controller

Audient iD22 monitor controller image
For a long time home studios were burdened by the inability to directly control the monitor system, so it's been a breath of fresh air that there are now plenty of monitor controllers to choose from. A new one on the scene is the Audient iD22, which provides all of the most-needed features for small studio applications.

The iD22 connects to your computer via a USB2 port and is externally powered with its own power supply. It features two stereo outputs, the first for the main monitors and the second that can be configured either for an alternate speaker setup or an external cue mix.

O n the top panel you'll find a large volume control with illuminated cut and dim switches underneath, as well as a headphone output control for the dedicated headphone output that features it's own DAC.

The unit also has three soft switches that can be configured for things like alt speaker, phase reverse or mono listening. These are configured from the dedicated mixer app that comes with the unit.

The iD22 is similar to some of the other higher end controllers in that it offers two high quality mic preamps which Audient says are the same as on their consoles, which are very good indeed.

Each input also has an insert point so you can record with an outboard compressor, which is a feature unique to this unit.

The inputs are also on combo jacks so that you can insert a line level source, with input two also containing a DI input on 1/4" jack. There's also an optical input if you want to add additional inputs via an outboard preamp with that ability.

The Audient iD22 retails for $699, but can be found for less if you look around. You can find more info on the Audient website and the video below.


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