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Monday, March 2, 2015

New Music Gear Monday: Harrison 32cs Channel Strip

Harrison 32cs channel strip image
Many people feel that one of the best sounding consoles ever was the Harrison 32C series. It's the signature sound of Michael Jackson's biggest hits as well as records by Queen, Sade and ABBA, among many others. Now you can have that sound at your fingertips with the new Harrison 32CS channel strip.

The 32cs features that good old transformer coupled mic preamp along with switchable high and low pass filters. What's interesting there is that the high pass filter has what Harrison calls a "Bump" switch that provides a boost right above the selected cutoff frequency - perfect for kick or bass.

The channel strip also features a 4 band semi-parametric EQ with switchable shelving and bell modes, a switchable insert point either pre or post filters,  and a host of input/output connects including a front panel combo jack, front panel headphone jack, and rear panel XLR input, output and insert jacks.

The 32cs also has a feature that's unique for a channel strip - a monitor/mix section with a 2 mix buss that allows zero-latency monitoring through the headphone jack or reach channel outputs. The Blend control on the front panel allows you to mix the output between the 32cs and a stereo source fed into the 2 mix input jacks on the rear of the unit.

As you can see, the Harrison 32cs isn't just another channel strip. The price is still to be determined. Here's a preview video from Rob Tavaglione where you see the unit first hand.

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