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Monday, May 11, 2015

New Music Gear Monday: Yamaha Raijin Drum Cube

Yamaha Raiijin Drum Cube image
This may be just a prototype, but it's so different that I had to include it in New Music Gear Monday. It's the Yamaha Raiijin Drum Cube, a whole new way to play drums.

Raiijin is Japanese for thunder, which is an appropriate name for this ball of drums. And what's interesting about this is that it was designed by the Motor division of Yamaha and not the music instrument division for one of it's inter-company competitions (called AH A May or Yamaha spelled backwards).

While the Drum Cube might look cool, I'm not so sure it's practical. First of all the drums radiate in a circle, which might be a problem if they're not all miked. The fact that there's a lot of places to hang mics from would be a positive though. And the one thing you don't see happening on the following demo is the drummer just laying down a beat.

It looks pretty uncomfortable too, but that would mean that you'd never have a drummer slacking off during a gig.

Thanks to my buddy Jesse Siemanis for the heads up.

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