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Thursday, June 18, 2015

If You Were Ever Worried About Our Musical Youth

Pelican212 image
A conversation that I frequently have with musicians who have been around for a while centers around the fact that the next generation of musicians may be a little too computer-centric and don't spend enough time on their musical craft as a result. In short, there's a general lament about the musicianship behind left behind for technology.

If you feel like that, this video might change your mind.

It's a band from Louisiana called Pelican212 that my friend Katie Rees (the adult of the group) formed with some really stage-savvy kids. They're a lot more professional than a lot of adult acts that I see, with a swagger that you seldom see. Oh, and they play and sing great too.

Louisiana musicians (of any age) have so much soul and power. They're always entertaining.

1 comment:

Rand said...

There's hope for us all! Keeping it real by starting as early as possible. The best way to engender appreciation for music and being a true musician and performer.

Keep up the great work Katie♫♥


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