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Monday, June 1, 2015

New Music Gear Monday: Dynamount Robotic Mic Mount

Dynamount image
One of the most difficult things for an engineer is to place a mic on an instrument or vocal, especially when a small increment of movement can sometimes make a huge difference. This task becomes impossible these days where home studios abound. There are no assistants to rely on, and the engineer has to do everything.

But science and ingenuity comes to the rescue with the new Dynamount robotic microphone mount. The unit allows you to remotely control the positioning of a mic thanks to a wireless iOS, Android or web app, then save the position as a preset if so desired.

The Dynamout comes in 4 different versions. The V1 provides a single axis of motion (like side to side, or up and down), while the V1-R also allows the mic to rotate. The X1 provides dual axis (side to side, and in and out) with the X1-R providing rotation as well.

Imagine being able to tailor the sounds for guitars, kick and snares, vocals and just about any other miking you can think of. Image how you can now more precisely align the phase when recording with two mics. Image that extra pair of hands that you always needed out in the studio. Now you can have it all with Dynamount.

Dynamount is in the final days of a Kickstarter campaign and there are still a few tiers available. The V1 will eventually have a retail price of $399,  the V1-R at $499, the X1 at $599, and the X1-R at $699.

Check out the video below for how it works, and the Kickstarter campaign here.

1 comment:

nean said...

What a great idea.
Unfortunately they're not the first one.
One of the Rammstein guys built and used such thing for recording their last album back in 2008.


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