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Friday, August 14, 2015

The Clash "Rock The Casbah" Isolated Piano

The Clash "Rock The Casbah" isolated piano image
It's hard to underestimate the influence that The Clash had on a rock bands everywhere with their raw primal sound. That said, the band departed from the norm on "Rock The Casbah," the third single from their huge platinum album Combat Rock.

What's different about this song from most of the other songs in The Clash catalog is that it's based around a piano which was played by drummer Topper Headon (who also played bass, drums and percussion on the recording). Here's what to listen for.

1. The basic piano is lightly chorused (very popular in the early 80s) and has a wide stereo image that you can hear shift as the midrange notes go from the center to the higher notes on the right.

2. On the intro and the chorus there's a second piano overdub with the signature riff. The

3. The opening riff is very heavily chorus to where it begins to detune.

4. Note the nice long delayed reverb.


Rand said...

Here's also a little known fact; Butch Vig sampled Topper's drums from 'Train In Vain' to use in the intro to Garbage's hit 'Stupid Girl'.

Unknown said...

This is a great article for my research. Keep posting. Thank you.



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