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Monday, September 28, 2015

New Music Gear Monday: Remo Active Snare Dampening System

Remo Active Snare Dampening System image
Here's something so deceptively simple that it falls into the "why hasn't anyone thought of this before?" category. It's Remo's Active Snare Dampening System and it goes a long way to eliminating the need to taping up your snare to get rid of that unwanted ringing.

Once fitted to the drum by attaching it to the rim, you can adjust the amount of dampening by either moving the Dampener from the center to the edge of the drum head, or by sliding the O ring up or down. Genius!

The system was designed in conjunction with drumming heavyweight Dave Weckl.

The Remo Active Snare Dampening System is available for about $30, and should be part of every drummer, studio or engineer's arsenal. Here's a quick video that gives you a bit of an idea of what it will do (it's not all that dramatic, unfortunately).

1 comment:

Bjorn said...

Ehem... External drum mufflers have been in use since before 1920? ;-)


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