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Friday, October 16, 2015

The Beatles "The End" Isolated Drums

Alternate Cover
Abbey Road alternate album cover
Ringo Starr has always been an under-rated drummer, but while not flashy by any means, he was as solid and lyrical as they come. Here's the isolated drum track from "The End" from The Beatles now legendary Abbey Road album. Listen for the following:

1. Ringo's time is super solid even during a solo and drum fills, which is where most drummers have trouble.

2. The kick drum is very punchy, especially for the time.

3. The panning is rather odd. Although the drums are in very wide stereo, the snare and hat are leaning to the right side, while the toms go from the center to the left.

Stereo was still in its infancy in those days, so this was as good a choice as anything else at the time. Besides, it fits the track well and no-one has ever complained about the drum panning in the almost 50 years since.


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