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Monday, November 9, 2015

Failure Drummer Kellii Scott on my latest Inner Circle Podcast

Failure drummer Kellii Scott
I'm pleased to have Failure drummer Kellii Scott on this week's podcast.

Not only has Kellii played with failure on and off for over 20 years, but he was also part of producer Lynda Perry's studio band, performing on records with Christina Aguilera, Pink, Hole, Faith Hill and many more.

The interview starts off a bit geeky about Kellii's drum kit and style, but the second half turns into a philosophical discussion on production and music that you won't want to miss.

In the intro, I'll give you an overview of the new Billboard Lyric Chart, as well as look at Abbey Road Studio's new music tech incubator and institute.

Remember that you can find the podcast at, or either on iTunes, Stitcher and now on Mixcloud and Google Play.

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