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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Can You Keep Perfect Time?

Can you keep perfect time?Check out your time with this handy little app. You can use any key on your keyboard except for the space bar (the mouse is slow so keep away from that too).

The track plays at 120 bpm. Your score is based on how close you were to the direct timing.
  • If you're spot on you get 50 points.
  • You lose a point for every 2 milliseconds that your off.
  • You get 0 points if you're off by 100ms or more.
The absolute best you can score is 1000.

Let me know how you scored.

Click image to open interactive version (via Concert Hotels).


Philip Linford said...

898. :-)

That was fun

Unknown said...

I got 826.

Anonymous said...

i got 839 - I guess that's an OK credit rating ;)

Daniel said...

926. I need to practice!

Unknown said...

The bad news is I am a bass player and my wife who doesn't play beat me by 50 points:( the good news is I scored 808 pts!!! So does that mean I actually scored better?

Unknown said...

919 for me!

Unknown said...



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