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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Winter NAMM 2016 Overview - Part 2 "Oddities"

Part 2 of my Winter NAMM overview looks at some of the odder offerings at NAMM. Some may be useful to certain customers, but the rest of us may be left scratching our heads. Here we go.

The 24 string guitar - because you can't have too many strings, right? This was actually a trend at NAMM, with quite a few companies showing guitars with extra strings.

The accordion controller - because accordions are just so cool.

The lightshow PA speaker - Most Chinese companies showed products like this. I guess it keeps you from getting bored at the show.

The lightshow PA speaker with crystal ball - Let's tell some fortunes during Karaoke this evening.

The Shure Electrostatic Ear Buds - I listened, but they just weren't $2,500 better than what came with my iPhone. Oh, and you need the special $1,000 amp to drive them.

The Stomplight - because floor lighting makes you look so amazing.

The traffic cop controller - You can go direct traffic after the gig.

The wearable metronome - It's so large that you may not be able to hold your arm up to see it.

The multi-switch guitar - For those guitar players who have an extra $6k and are truly bored on stage, here are many more controls to play with.

The plastic mixer cover - Protect your mixer when those bar fights break out and the suds are flowing everywhere.

1 comment:

Laughinglarry said...

Just so you KNOW, that metronome isn't meant to be seen, so much as FELT. It uses very high power actuators, and the vibration is VERY variable, so that different patterns of strength and duration can indicate where within a phrase you are. I ordered one for my daughter on their Kickstarter, and can't wait to get it (it shipped while I was at NAMM). You can download their IOS/ Android platform software and get a good feel for the capabilities even if you don't have the metronome yet.


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