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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

KoffeeHouse And It's Rich Blend Of Music

I had the pleasure to produce a very interesting video shoot of an event at a house overlooking the famous Zuma Beach in Malibu over the weekend. The event was put on by KoffeeHouse, an organization who regularly presents a number of fine singer/songwriters in an informal acoustic setting to raise donations for various charities.

Originally created 9 years ago by Jeremy Koff in his backyard as a way to expose local musical talent, the events grew larger and more more formal over the years, and he was eventually joined by partner Chris Ng. KoffeeHouse now presents some really outstanding talent to an audience that really appreciates what they're hearing (something not always true in Southern California).

This weekend's event's location was at a spectacular mansion overlooking the one of the best beaches in the world in Malibu. If you've watched the TV show The Bachelor, then you know the place. The 5 artists during the daytime outdoor session included songwriters whose works you're already hearing or have heard on television and the movies like Mozella, Chris Pierce, and Tyrone Wells as well as the California Rasta stylings of Trevor Hall (hard to believe he's a white kid in LA) and Scottish songbird Sandi Thom. Additional artists also performed later that evening inside the house, which unfortunately we didn't see or shoot. The event was MC'd by college "Entertainer of the Year," comedian/magician Justin Kredible.

We were shooting the event as a pilot for the new music network ARC, a Comcast on-demand channel dedicated to new, cutting-edge entertainment. ARC already airs several shows that our company (2b Media) created and produces including Favorite Music of the Stars and Guitar Universe.

I have to admit that the talent level at this event was incredibly high and way beyond what I expected. I loved each artist and enjoyed every minute of their music, and the Malibu setting wasn't too shabby either. When you're producing a shoot, you usually don't have time to really enjoy the proceedings, but the KoffeeHouse event was thankfully an exception.

KoffeeHouse puts on an event about once a month and they're pretty much just word-of-mouth, invitation-only, but on July 25th they'll have a fully open to public show at the John Anson Ford Theater in Hollywood. Check out the KoffeeHouse website for more tickets and more info.

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