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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sales For The Week Of May 18th

All in all it was a pretty good week for recorded music, with 9 releases showing positive sales from the previous week. That's actually pretty good, considering that last week only a single album had a sales increase. It just goes to show that a blockbuster hit brings the sales up for everyone, which has always been the case. Even in our new Music 3.0 world, some things still don't change much.

As predicted, Eminem scored a big first week hit with a sales figure of just over 600k, with Green Day following with 162k (down 26% from it's first week of sales). There were 16 new entries on the charts. Eminem's Relapse actually becomes the biggest seller of the year after only 1 week on the market.

The charts are always worth watching not only from an industry-health point of view, but as a proof of concept as well. The concept here is that good music will always continue to sell in reasonably high numbers, regardless of the digital environment that we live in. And it proves even more robustly that when you have a week where the #1 release only sells 50k, the quality of the music is still the ultimate reason for any sales at all.

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