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Friday, November 27, 2009

5 More Lists

Everyone says that lists are really popular on the Web and it's really true. Yesterday's post of some previous lists that we've posted over the last year was a smashing success, so here are a few more. Back to business on Monday.

5 Reasons Why Trade Shows Are Obsolete - You know they are and hate them as much as I do. But did you ever think exactly why?

20 Most Popular Facebook Artists - From earlier in the year so it's probably changed a bit, but still an interesting look.

5 Reasons To Hate The Live Nation/Ticketmaster Merger - Some of the predictions did not come to pass, but a lot has to do with the flagging economy and the general decline of the concert business in general.

10 Pieces Of Technology That I Hate - Just reread the article and still hate everything there except the last one, since I've learned how to love and respect social media.

Top Ten Websites - This is from January of 09 so it'll be interesting to see how it's changed in a month or so.

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