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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Top 10 Websites

It's interesting to note which are the most visited sites on the web.  From this you can gain a lot of insight into user habits, such as what activities people are doing on the net, or new internet players, if any. Here they are as of this week Jan 09 week 4:

1. Yahoo.com
2. Google.com
3. Youtube.com
4. Live.com
5. MSN.com
6. Myspace.com
7. Wikipedia.org
8. Facebook.com
9. Blogger.com
10. Yahoo.com.jp (Yahoo Japan)
Note that most of these are news/info and search sites. Myspace and Youtube could probably be classified as entertainment. 

No real surprises here, but we do get a glimpse of general Internet viewing habits. The biggest desire of Internet users seems to be information, so Yahoo, Google, Live, Yahoo Japan, MSN, and Wikipedia fit the bill. They also want to provide some of their own views and info so Myspace, Facebook, Blogger, and to a lesser degree, Youtube give people what they want. 

Those are the two major items - looking for info or providing some of your own. Can we say that's what the Internet boils down to these days?

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