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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Craziest Cutting Edge Instruments

This comes from Gizmodo and it's worthy of noting. It's the craziest new cutting edge musical tech instruments that just came out at Musikmesse, which is Europe's version of the NAMM show, only much, much larger. Each of these are an interesting new twist on an existing product.

AlphaSphere graphic from Bobby Owsinski's Big Picture production blog

The AlphaSphere has a number of pads that each act like a drum controller, but you can assign any sound you want either via dedicated software or your favorite. Sure does look cool.

Steez Audio Type S graphic from Bobby Owsinski's Big Picture production blog

The next time  you've been served and someone tells you "It's On!", show up with your crew with one of these babies. The Steez Audio Type S (terrible name) picks a playlist, then automatically edits the tracks and tempo between songs in "Auto Battle Mode."

Endeavour Evo graphic from Bobby Owsinski's Big Picture production blog

The Endeavour Evo claims to be a keyboard with an entirely new way of generating and controlling sound thanks to its "Magic Key" technology. The sounds aren't that great to my ears, but it does have a unique way of controlling them by having touch sensitive keys where by just moving your finger up a key you can change a parameter. Check out the video on the site for a better idea of the concept.

The Alesis iO Mix is basically a mixer/dock that wraps around your iPad. I'm sure it's only the tip of the iceberg of future iPad accessory products, but it's the only one of its type at the moment. Check it out.


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