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Sunday, March 25, 2012

KISS "Detriot Rock City" Isolated Vocals

Here's another fun isolated vocal track, this time from KISS. It's called "Detroit Rock City" and it's from their Destroyer album from 1976. The song was the A side of the 3rd single from the album, but the B side, "Beth," unexpectedly became the big hit, which shot them to world-wide fame.

Here are some things to listen for:

1) Paul Stanley has a pretty dynamic voice, and you can sometimes hear the compressor flattening it out as a result. Doesn't sound too bad in the track though.

2) The lead vocal is doubled, but Paul does a great job because the double is so close to the lead vocal that it almost doesn't sound like a double at all. The double becomes very apparent when you hear the answer vocals in the chorus, which are not doubled.

3) The lead vocal has a very bright long reverb on it, but it also has a separate short delay as well.

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