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Friday, December 19, 2008

200 New Music Startups

By one estimate, there have been 200 on-line music startups during 2008.  
These include 
  • 28 social and sharing sites 
  • 12 music video sites 
  • 25 music store and service sites 
  • 22 streaming music sites
  • 7 place-shifting sites (enabling music downloaded on one device and play on another)
  • 24 recommendation and discovery sites
  • 7 digital music labels
  • 13 P2P and file sharing sites
  • 9 game and virtual world sites
  • 7 live music and ticketing sites
  • 25 artist services sites
  • 8 on-line mixtape sites
  • 7 MP3 search engines
  • 10 music tools sites
  • 1 interactive music site
  • 1 "more cowbell" site 
Although it's difficult to know just how successful any of the new sites are, the sheer number indicates that there was some serious investor interest in the music marketplace.  All indications are that venture and angel funding will be way down in 2009.  It'll be interesting to look at this list next year to see just how many of the 2008 sites are still around, and how many new ones appear.

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