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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Famous Christmas Song Videos

While most Christmas songs personally don't float my boat, here are a few that I think are really great.

Happy Holidays!

Elvis - Blue Christmas
Elvis at his peak.  The so-called "Come-Back Special" just gets better with age.

John Lennon - Happy Christmas War Is Over
Lennon also at his peak.  Everything about this is great except for Yoko (as always).  I looked for a live version of this (I know there's one out there) but couldn't find it.

Dan Fogelberg - Same Old Lang Syne
This is a completely compelling piece.  The songwriting is great (about meeting an old girlfriend in a supermarket on Christmas Eve), the playing is terrific (although I hate the chorused piano sound - definitely a sign of the time period when this was shot), and I love the way he features and appreciates the band at the end.  What a class act!  
I had both goose bumps and tears when watching this - a rare combination brought about by a rare song and performance.


Vinnie said...

Loved the Elvis video.

Anonymous said...

I loved Dan Folgrburg. This video is great

Don D said...

We've been listening to the "Charlie Brown Christmas" CD. Vince Guaraldi Trio(who also recorded "Cast Your Fate To The Wind"). It risked becoming a cliche a few years back but it sprang back lately.

I gotta say, it's become a favorite.



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