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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Warner Music Group Goes Over The Top

Sometimes companies practice what they consider to be "good" business practices at the expense of common sense. Here's a perfect example of that in a Youtube response to the Warner Music Group. Warner's demanded and received the removal of a video just because the fan played a version of the Christmas classic "Winter Wonderland," which is controlled by Warner Publishing.

The girl is squarely in the demographic that WMG wants most, yet they choose to alienate a potential customer (although she probably is a customer already) just because she did a home video singing the song. If she was selling it, that would be a different story and, of course, they and the composers (both of who died over 60 years ago) would be entitled to their pound of flesh, but all this over a few hundred views?

Surely the WMG legal staff has more important things to spend their expensive time on.

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