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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Grammy Winners See Sales Spike

In a surprise ratings coup, this year's Grammy Awards program was up more than 2 million viewers over last year's 19 million (must have been a slow TV night). As usual, the winners saw their sales spike the following week, with Album of the Year, Raising Sand by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss leaping 15 spots up the iTunes album chart to #1, according to industry analysts BigChampagne. Best New Artist Adele saw her 19 album jump three spots on iTunes, from #5 to #2.

But perhaps the most telling aspect of "the joy of the Grammy appearance" was Radiohead, who's In Rainbows sat at #57 on iTunes before their Grammy appearance, then moved up forty-three spots all the way to #14 after their rousing performance with the USC marching band (Radiohead is a good band but the USC marching band is really, really good - an inspired combination). It would be interesting to see what the actual cost to use them on the show was (it must've cost a fortune).

Actual sales figures are not yet available, but should prove interesting.

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