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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vinyl Really On The Upswing - Top 12 Retailers

In recent posts we've continually mentioned how well vinyl records are selling, now comes a couple of stories suggesting it's not a fluke.

First of all, rumor has it that Best Buy is considering allocating floor space for a display to sell a small number of vinyl records. Bear in mind that Best Buy is #12 of the top 100 retailers (according to Stores Magazine) and that giving floor space to any merchandise is a cold and calculated decision, so that means the format has some real heat for the moment. Supposedly only 200 titles will be displayed, which isn't very many, but it's a lot more than the zero that they sell now.

Also, a nice article in the LA Times yesterday (sorry, can't seem to find it online even though it was on the front page) talked about 3 new vinyl stores that recently opened in LA within the last year - Origami in Echo Park, Vacation in Los Feliz, and Little Radio in downtown LA. As owner Neil Schield said in the story, "It's the only area of the physical music business that's growing."

I know I mentioned Best Buy as #12 on the top 100 retailers list before, here are the other 11:

1. Wal-Mart (who else?)
2. Home Depot
3. CVS
4. Kroger
5. Costco
6. Target
7. Walgreen
8. Sears
9. Lowes
10. SuperValu
11. Safeway

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