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Friday, June 5, 2009

Google Wave - The Newest Tool For Artist/Fan Communication

Google announced their new app called "Google Wave" yesterday with the idea that it's what email and text messaging would be like if they were built today. Google Wave actually is a new form of communication that marries live email and media with texting. As a result, you can instantly communicate with as many people as you want at the same time in real time.

This is perfect for the Music 3.0 artist since the basic premise behind M30 is that for the first time an artist can interact, market and sell directly to his audience. The more the artist interacts, the more the fan base craves it.

With Google Wave, interacting with your "tribe" (as Seth Godin call it) can be easier and more efficient than ever. Efficiency is the one thing that an artist, company or individual really needs, since keeping up with the various social networks can take an enormous amount of time. Most artists have a problem keeping up with a blog, website, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, but there are over 40 domestic social networks with more than a million subscribers each and another 40 world-wide. Add to that various news sites (over 300), video distribution sites (over 100), hub sites, forums and groups, and associated blogs and you have more than a full time job. Even a web-sophisticated artist burns out when presented with so many options.

Google Wave won't solve this problem, of course, but it might become an alternative way to stay in touch with the fan base. It's too early to tell, since it was only just announced, but it looks pretty cool and worth checking out. You can read more at Techcrunch and Lifehacker. A graphic of Google Wave appears below.

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