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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Google Music - What It Isn't

Even though the online world had surmised that the upcoming Google Music would be a totally new music service to go up against the likes of iTunes, Google will not be a service that sells or streams its own music.

What it will be doing is adding links to its search results to point to partners like iLike, Imeem, Pandora and Lala (iTunes and Amazon are also rumored to be a partners). Song streams are expected to be playable within the results set, similar to the way YouTube currently works within Google search, according to screenshots tipped by TechCrunch. This is an effort to consolidate media assets whenever into search results.

This Wednesday, (Oct. 28th) at Capitol Studios in Hollywood OneRepublic, Linkin Park and Dead by Sunrise will be on tap for a special event that is thought to be the formal introduction to the service.

Actually, a feature called Google Music Search has been available for more than a year although most people aren't aware of it. Simply add the word "music:" in front of your query.

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