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Sunday, April 25, 2010

My ASCAP Expo T-RackS Workshop Presentation

I was honored to be asked by IK Multimedia to give a short workshop on their T-RackS 3 mastering software on Friday at the ASCAP Expo in Hollywood. The room (thank you West LA Music) was full and the crowd was great with a lot of really good questions afterwards.

There were a lot of requests for my ASCAP workshop Keynote presentation, so I've put it online. As with most Keynote presentations, it's a lot better if you hear the talk that goes with it, but hopefully you'll get the idea.

That being said, everything in that presentation and a lot, lot more will be in a new book I just finished called, "Mixing and Mastering with T-RackS 3," which will be out towards the end of the year. If you own T-RackS or are thinking of buying it, it will give you a lot of tips and tricks for getting the best out it when mixing and/or mastering. It's a very powerful piece of software and one that I use often.

I also did an interview and book signing for my Music 3.0 Internet Music Guidebook. Click on the link for a short video excerpt of my ASCAP interview.


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1 comment:

ilterocktive said...

I use the new T-RackS Singles plugins, and am happy with the quality. It's sweet to learn that you too like/use 'em :)


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