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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Future Of Musical Instruments?

I'm not sure where I came across this video, but it made me laugh, and not in a good way. It's shot at the recent San Francisco MusicTech Summit,  poorly edited and doesn't identify any of the principles, who are heavyweights in music technology. But technology people just don't get it sometimes. About the only ones who think this is the future of music are non-musicians.

With the exception of Roger Linn, who actually has a device that might actually make it as a musical instrument, I'm sort of left speechless when I watch this. Roger is inventor of the first drum machine and a hit songwriter. Max Mathews, the older gentleman in this video, is one of the legends of computer music. To me, I've heard it all before a long, long time ago and the song is still the same.

See what you think, then watch Roger's own demo video below.

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Simon said...

Max Mathews visited a electronic music composition class I was taking at Indiana University about 12 years ago. He was demonstrating the same radio baton controllers that are in this video. If I remember correctly, one baton controlled volume, one controlled tempo. It was sad to see this great innovator pushing something so lame.

Dave Jacoby said...

Have we really exhausted the possibilities of the old instruments?


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