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Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Sultans Of Swing" - Isolated Drums and Vocals

This week we'll analyze some drum tracks. The first one is the breakout hit from Dire Straits - "Sultans of Swing." This version also has a bit of the vocal in it, but it's low in the mix and more of a guide to where we are in the track. Let's take a listen:

1) Pretty good drum sound here. It's on the cusp of old school and new school method of drum recording in that it's clearly recorded on multiple tracks, yet the drums feel as if they were recorded as one kit. As we cross over into more modern drum recording, so often you hear each drum more individually, but you don't get that feeling here.

2) The cymbals are very present in the mix, which gives you more of that old school feel.

3) There's a nice long reverb on the snare, but notice how the fills are dry to bring them up front in the mix.

4) Excellent drum performance by Pick Withers. It's solid and has great time and discipline. The builds are all totally in time, something that even some great drums have a hard time with.

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