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Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Whatcha Gonna Do" - Pablo Cruise

I came across "Whatcha Gonna Do" by Pablo Cruise the other day and I just had to post it. The song is off their 1977 album entitled A Place In The Sun that was the breakout record for the band. I've included the live versions from Don Kirshner's Rock Concert television program of both "Watcha Gonna Do" and "Place In The Sun" because of the exceptional musicianship and energy of the band.

Now if you weren't around back then, you've probably never heard of the band or the songs and that's why I want you to watch the videos. It shows the difference between bands then and now. Pablo Cruise had only 3 or 4 minor hits and a couple of gold albums, but the band just smokes. The energy coming off the stage is undeniably addictive and just get's you grooving right away.

The reason is that back in the 70's, there were tons of places to play for any kind of band at almost any skill level. You could almost play every night somewhere if you wanted to (I remember playing 28 straight nights of club one-nighters once), so you really got to hone your craft. Plus, you got paid, believe it or not (unlike some places today where you have to pay to play).

Most bands today are lucky to play once a week, and more than likely, it's more like once or twice a month. Bands that play a lot eventually become good. Good bands that stay with it for a while eventually become great.

Pablo Cruise, who were together for 5 years before these videos, is a great example. Enjoy their infectious energy.

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