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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Black Eyed Peas Stolen Song

This story has been making the Internet rounds for a few weeks, but if you've not heard, then here it is. The Black Eyed Peas allegedly stole their big hit "I've Got A Feeling" from a song called "Take A Dive" by Brian Pringle.

Below are the videos of the two songs to use as a comparison.

My thoughts? It's lot of ado about nothing. The basic track of "Take a Dive" is similar to "I Got A Feeling," but there's no melody, and the last time I checked, the melody and lyrics makes the song. Anyone who's ever gone to music school knows that you can take a melody and reharmonize it with completely different chords, yet it's still the same song, so a backing track does not a song make.

Then again, I'm not an attorney, so what do I know. Have a listen and decide for yourself.

By the way, I think that Brian Pringle's track sounds way better than the Peas.

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Ryan Boone said...

It may be enough to award Mr. Pringle (I have to admit, I giggle every time I see that name) royalties from effectively sampling his work. I've seen previous cases where there was less of a connection between songs go the way of the original writer.

Lou tambone said...

Well, I still don't think it's cool to steal the backing track. Work goes into that kind of stuff. I'd be a little pissed if they stole that from me. I hadn't heard of this. Thanks for sharing.

David «DJ Daveed» Matua said...

Need to ask David Guetta about it.

Nick said...

Hi Bobby! First of all - thanks for the things you do, your pair of books that I have (recording & mixing handbooks) taught me a lot and it's really great to know opinions of greats on that matter.

Agree with you that you can't blame somebody for stealing your track if they only have the same harmony (which is not original) and similar concept of arrangement.

Not a big Black Eyed Peas fan, but I think that their track sounds better.



Izzy said...

Stealing songs, sampling music... a big NO NO! How about we point Mr. Pringle towards the south... See what they're doing to his work!

Murder I tell you.


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