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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Ultimate Guitar Tone Handbook

Today my new book, The Ultimate Guitar Tone Handbook, makes it's debut at NAMM 2011. The book was co-written by Rich Tozzoli, who many of you may recognize from his contributions to Pro Sound News and Premier Guitar. You've also heard Rich's guitar work on shows on the Discovery and History Channel as well as Fox Sports.

Both of us are extremely passionate about guitar tone, and we know how difficult it is for a guitar player to not only get the tone that he hears in his head, but then record it too. That's why we set out to write a book that would explain just why electric and acoustic guitars, amps and effects sound the way they do, how to realize the sound you're looking for, then have the miking and production techniques to make sure it works in the track.

You can read a table of contents and some excerpts on my personal website.

The book includes interviews with experts like Dick Boak from Martin Guitar (discussing tonewoods and acoustic guitar tone), platinum selling engineer Chuck Ainley (discussing electric and acoustic guitar miking techniques), Jim D'Addario from D'Addario Strings (discussing string technology), guitar virtuoso Al DiMeola (discussing his lifelong quest for guitar tone) and many more.

The book also comes with a DVD that looks at the miking and production of both electric and acoustic guitars. Here's an excerpt, which is about the making of Driven, a song from Rich Tozzoli's solo record.

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