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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

George Massenburg Demonstrates His Parametric Equalizer

Here's a great video of audio and recording great George Massenburg demonstrating his famous GML8200 parametric equalizer. The 8200 is revered for its lack of color and clean transparent sound and that's certainly in evidence here.

It may not be obvious in the video exactly what George is doing so let me outline a couple of EQ methods that he's touching on.

The first that he's showing is subtractive EQ, where he's turning up the gain of a band, then sweeping around the frequencies until he finds one that really sticks out. That's the frequency that needs to be attenuated.

The second is a technique called frequency juggling, where a frequency of one instrument (in this case the piano) is attenuated so that it leaves room so you can hear another better (in this case it's the vocal).

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Matt D said...

No substitute for a seasoned, professional ear! Very impressive how easy he makes this look.

lennybistro123 said...

I could listen to George teach all day. With Bobby's books and article posts from the blog, I've taken craft to the next level. Understanding EQ, compression and limiting separates the men from the boys....


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