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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Networking Your Way Into The Music Business

Here's part of an interview that we did for The Studio Musician's Handbook (written with Paul ILL) that features Onree Gill, keyboardist and musical director for Alicia Keys. In it, Onree describes how he got his break into the business, which is a perfect example of just how important networking can be.
"What I did was simple. When I was 18 I started going to industry parties, like a birthday party for Bell, Biv, Devoe or something like that. They’d get you for $25 at the door, so the only people there were industry people. I would pay the cover charge or try to get a hookup from someone on the inside, then I’d ask around to find out who everyone at the party was. It would be like, “The guy over there with the white jacket on is head of A&R for Sony,” or “This women in the blue dress works for Columbia.” After I found out who everyone was, what I’d do was to walk around and just say “Hello” to everyone. I didn’t strike up a conversation or anything, I’d just walk away as I was making my rounds.

So I kept going to these parties and bashes and kept going around saying hello to the same people over and over. It got to the point that when they saw me coming, I looked familiar to them and they’d think, “He’s always at these parties. He’s got to be in the music business.” At some point months later I’d go, “Hey, you still at Sony?” and they’d go “Yeah,” and I’d pass him my card and he would pass me his and all of sudden I’m setting up meetings. That’s how I did it."
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Chris Rockett said...

Bobby this is such and important topic and onc that I think strikes fear into shy musicians.

I'm going to repost this to twitter because it's almost like a roadmap that people can follow.

Thanks man.

- chris

Bobby Owsinski said...

Thanks, Chris.


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