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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Way To Tell Your Road And Studio Stories

Any musician who's gigged for a while has plenty of road stories. Of course that applies to the studio as well. Just about everyone has some that are pretty outrageous as well, as the eccentricities of the business and musicians come to the surface during usually the inopportune time.

As all us old road dogs know, the problem is that the story details fade with age. Time has a way of smoothing over the details and merging stories, people and circumstances together. Once again, the Internet comes to the rescue with two ways to preserve those stories before they're lost to the ether of time. The first is a service called Intersect, that's sort of like a more focused YouTube with a more robust social back-end. Storify is another service that leans a bit more on the social side and less on the video aspect.

Personally, I wish I would have had Intersect available during my touring years. As we all know, some stories aren't suitable for widespread publication as funny as they might be, but some are just so outrageous that no one except another musician would believe them, and those are the ones we want to preserve.

Check out the video on Intersect, and feel free to post some of your gig stories for us to enjoy. In fact, I'll award a book of your choice for the best one (one of my books, of course).

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